Warhammer – Sun. Jun. 11th @ Noon.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s Shadespire’s Curse – the Katophranes angered Nagash, the God of Death, by denying him his rightful tithe of souls.  This was an insult that could not be borne and the god weaved a hateful spell.  The inhabitants of Shadespire would suffer a great punishment.  As every living creature within the city was siphoned into oblivion, leaving no trace of their existence save for the desolate ruin they once called home.

Skirmish games have come to the Age of Sigmar and it is time to play.  Create a warband in one of the four Grand Alliances and as you complete each campaign, your army will grow.

Build your army with no more than 50 renown (similar to points) and your warband must include a minimum of 3 models; one of which is a hero to be the general in your warband.

Come and join us for the Shadespire Skirmish Campaign this Sunday!