Warhammer – Sun. Feb. 11th @ Noon.



Start:  Sunday, February 11

Duration:  Based on the number of participants

Mission:  Based on the one chosen on Sunday

Points:  allotted as per last game

Registration fee: $5.00 (will be provided with a gift certificate)

Comic Warehouse continues their league for Shadow War: Armageddon using the rules found in the Shadow War rulebook. Each player has their specific kill team to battle against each other for Promethium caches.  The caches from the game must be spent to upgrade the team right away but any D3 ones can be banked for later use (one can be used right away).

Comic Warehouse also continues with the Blood Bowl League so come in with your team to play and score!

Always room for building and painting of miniatures, especially to get ready for either the Malign Portents campaign for Age of Sigmar that is coming up later this month or the intense 40K epic battle later this year!