Warhammer – Fate Of Konor Week 3 – Sun. Aug. 13th @ Noon.


A terrible plague has left the glorious crop oceans of Nethamus as little more than blackened sludge, though all is not lost while the vast factory-crawlers yet survive, their district-sized cargo holds packed with enough grain to feed the entire Konor System. However, an armoured spearhead races towards one such leviathan, and must be intercepted at all costs.


Each player must first muster an army from the miniatures in their collection. A player can include any models in their army, but if their army is Battle-forged, they will be able to use the unique Fate of Konor Stratagems and the appropriate Stratagems included within this mission.

In this mission, if one player’s Warlord has the IMPERIUM keyword, they are automatically the Defender, and their opponent is the Attacker. If both player’s Warlords have the IMPERIUM keyword, or neither player’s Warlord has the IMPERIUM keyword, the players must roll off to decide who will be the Attacker and who will be the Defender.


Create a battlefield using the deployment map included with this mission and then set up terrain. The battlefield should contain little cover beyond the odd piece of debris and battlefield detritus, representing the vast blackened plains that once teemed with crops.

Deployment map


After terrain has been set up, the players then alternate deploying their units, one at a time, starting with the Defender. A player’s models must be set up wholly within their own deployment zone.


The Defender rolls a D6. On a roll of 6, the Defender can choose to take the first turn; otherwise the Attacker has the first turn.


The Attacker’s units can move off the battlefield edge labelled ‘Exit Route’ so long as all of the models in a unit are able to make it off the board in the same phase. Any units that do so have reached an effective range to attack the factory-crawler behind the Defender’s line – they are removed from the battlefield and take no further part in the battle.


The players should use the Random Battle Length rules (see the Narrative Play Mission Rules in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook) to determine how long the battle lasts.


At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most victory points wins a major victory. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw. Victory points are achieved for the following:

Armoured Spearhead: Each time the Attacker destroys an enemy unit, they score 1 victory point. In addition, the Attacker scores 1 victory point for each of their units that moved off the battlefield via the Exit Route (see Breakthrough, above), or 2 victory points for each VEHICLE model that moved off the battlefield in this manner.

Crush the Foe: Each time the Defender destroys an enemy unit, they score 1 victory point. The Defender scores 1 additional victory point if the last model in the enemy unit was slain by an attack made by a friendly VEHICLE.

Slay the Warlord: If the enemy Warlord has been slain during the battle, you score 1 victory point.


In this mission, players can spend Command Points (CPs) to use the weekly Fate of Konor Stratagems, which are available in all participating stores or with any purchase of special weekly units at games-workshop.com. Players also have access to the following bonus Stratagems:



Attacker Stratagem

Use this Stratagem in your Shooting phase to shoot with a VEHICLE from your army that Advanced earlier in the turn. It counts as not having moved for the purposes of firing its weapons.



Defender Stratagem

Use this Stratagem in your Shooting phase. If you do so, pick a VEHICLE from your army that did not move in the preceding Movement phase. The cost in CPs depends on the Wounds characteristic of the model you pick: this Stratagem costs 2 CPs to activate if the vehicle has 15 Wounds or fewer on its profile, and 3 CPs otherwise. You can fire twice with that vehicle this phase, but must subtract 1 from all of its hit rolls when you do so.



Defender Stratagem

Use this Stratagem at the start of your turn. If you do so, pick a VEHICLE from your army; for the duration of the turn (unless it is destroyed), use the characteristics on the top line of the Damage chart on the vehicle’s datasheet, regardless of the number of wounds it has remaining.