The Comic Warehouse

Heroclix Tournament – Sat. July 29th 2017 @ 1pm.


New Fun Madness
Cost: $2.
Come out and play in this modern 400 point game and use some of the stuff you got from Elseworlds/What If? or some modern stuff you like! Come out and have some fun!
Miss America Monthly OP Kit prizing.

Next week: Provincials!

Warhammer 40K – Sunday July 30th 2017 @ Noon.


Astaramis has come under direct and heavy attack from the forces of Chaos. Yet it seems they are not the only threat, for alien forces of every ilk have been reported on the planet’s surface. If this is true, their intentions as yet remain unclear. In response, mighty armies are mustered to defend the sprawling hive world and battle is joined in earnest. (more…)

Warhammer Tournament – Sun. July 23rd @ Noon.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s Shadespire’s Curse – the skirmish game continues with the last three campaigns before we head into the Games Workshop Global campaign this summer.

Vortex of Power
Seize the Relic

Matched play skirmish game

Create your warband in one of the four Grand Alliances with no more than 65 renown (for those who played last month, start with the renown you accumulated during the campaigns)

Warband must include a minimum of 3 models; one of which is a hero to be the general

Participation fee: $5.00 (players will be provided with a gift certificate)

Heroclix Tournament – Sat. July 15th 2017 @ 1pm.


Marvel HeroClix: Dormammu Colossal OP (Constructed)!
300 point modern age “floor” event. Bring at least 150 points from Marvel’s What if set and buy a booster for $15. Use the figures in the booster to complete your team.
Doctor Strange’s mystical foe, Dormammu returns to the tabletop for this all-new Colossal OP Event. The ruler of the Dark Dimension can be summoned to your tabletop this summer in the Marvel HeroClix: Dormammu Colossal OP Kit. Additionally, connecting into the Marvel HeroClix What If? set, the Punisher and Spider-Man have been turned into serpent men, from the pages of What If?: The Marvel Heroes had Lost Atlantis Attacks!

Each participant in this special organized play event will also receive a double-sided Serpent Punisher and Serpent Spider-Man bystander token that can be added to any of your teams, without requiring a character to generate them!