The Comic Warehouse

Blood Bowl League – Sun. Sept. 24th @ Noon.


Come join us on Sunday, September 24
for Blood Bowl and join the league….
of extraordinary players!!
Bring your teams and go head to head
with other teams to see who comes out
on top!
Also, if you want to just paint and/or
build models, there’s lots of space!

Ixalan Open House – Sun. Sept. 17th 2017 – Noon-5pm.


Come on out this Sunday to learn how to play Magic The Gathering. Get a free starter deck and try out the game. If you already know how to play come and play casual Standard games and maybe help out any new players. Anyone who plays get a free card (while supplies last).

Warhammer – Sun. Sept. 17th @ Noon.


Shadow War Armageddon League

Start: Sunday, September 17

Duration: Based on the number of participants & Sunday schedules

Points: 1000 points

Registration fee: $5.00 (will be provided with a gift certificate)

Comic Warehouse will be hosting a league for Shadow War: Armageddon starting this Sunday, September 17 using the rules found in the Shadow War book. Each player will pick a specific faction and build a kill team from that faction’s options.

Players will be fighting over Promethium caches. The winning team will get the objectives they secured at the end of the game and the loser will get 1. The winner will get an extra d3 caches. The caches are worth 50 points each. The caches from the game must be spent to upgrade the team right away but the d3 ones can be banked for later use (one can be used right away).

The running time will be based on the number of participants and the Sunday schedules that will allow for gameplay.

Heroclix Tournament – Sat. Sept. 16th 2017 @ 1pm.


Marvel HeroClix: Merc Jet Colossal OP (Sealed)

Cost: $20.
(using Jokers Wild and/or Avengers Assemble)

For the first time, Deadpool’s Merc Jet soars onto the tabletop for this all-new Colossal OP Event! Deadpool’s wacky antics continue as he and his Mercs for Money team take to the skys with this new vehicle figure. Deadpool’s Merc Jet is also able to be played as Special Terrain on the map with unique abilities in addition to a brand new Terrain Dial!

Continuing the trend from the Dormmamu Colossal OP Event, now Moon Knight and Daredevil have been turned into serpents, straight from the pages of What If?: The Marvel Heroes had Lost Atlantis Attacks! Each participant in this special organized play event will receive a double-sided Serpent Moon Knight and Serpent Daredevil bystander token that can be added to any of your teams, without requiring a character to generate them!