Heroclix Tournament – Sat. Mar. 31st 2018 @ 1pm.


Marvel HeroClix:Steal This Head! Organized Play (Constructed)

Cost: $2.

600 points Modern Age – No colossals.

Criminal mastermind Silvermane leads the Maggia and makes his first appearance in HeroClix. But the real fight begins when Silvermane is KO’d and characters will be able to pick up Silvermane’s Head as a special object!

Meanwhile Black Cat and Speed Demon are both expert thieves, but they are usually stealing for different reasons. In this case, they are looking to steal Silvermane’s head to keep it from falling into anyone else’s hands! Black Cat uses her ability to cause “bad luck” for others and Speed Demon uses his superspeed to assist in this monthly organized play series.

OP kit Prize(s) – Speed Demon.