Heroclix Tournament – Sat. July 15th 2017 @ 1pm.


Marvel HeroClix: Dormammu Colossal OP (Constructed)!
300 point modern age “floor” event. Bring at least 150 points from Marvel’s What if set and buy a booster for $15. Use the figures in the booster to complete your team.
Doctor Strange’s mystical foe, Dormammu returns to the tabletop for this all-new Colossal OP Event. The ruler of the Dark Dimension can be summoned to your tabletop this summer in the Marvel HeroClix: Dormammu Colossal OP Kit. Additionally, connecting into the Marvel HeroClix What If? set, the Punisher and Spider-Man have been turned into serpent men, from the pages of What If?: The Marvel Heroes had Lost Atlantis Attacks!

Each participant in this special organized play event will also receive a double-sided Serpent Punisher and Serpent Spider-Man bystander token that can be added to any of your teams, without requiring a character to generate them!