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Warhammer – Sun. Oct. 22nd 2017 @ Noon.


Age of Sigmar’s Shadespire’s Curse – the skirmish game continues with the following campaigns:

Vortex of Power
Seize the Relic

Matched play skirmish game.

Create your warband in one of the four Grand Alliances with no more than 65 renown (for those who played during the first set of skirmish games, start with the renown you accumulated).

Warband must include a minimum of 3 models; one of which is a hero to be the general.


Warhammer Blood Bowl – bring your teams and go head to head to see who wins! If you haven’t signed up for the League as yet, you still have a chance to do so.

Participation fee for Sigmar and Blood Bowl: $5.00 (players will be provided with a gift certificate).

Warhammer – Sun. Oct. 15th 2017 @ Noon.


Mission: Adam will let us know which mission we are playing
Team upgrade: based on the upgrades from the first game
(if you are playing for the first time, your starting points will be 1000 plus any applicable points required for the second game in the league)
Registration fee: $5.00 (will be provided with a gift certificate)

The Shadow War: Armageddon League continues in the second game, using the rules found in the Shadow War book. Each player will use their chosen faction of their kill team to beat out their foes to become the ultimate winner.
Players will be fighting over Promethium caches. The winning team will get the objectives they secured at the end of the game and the loser will get 1. The caches are worth 50 points each. The caches from the game must be spent to upgrade the team right away.
Bring your faction and come join the Shadow War League!

Heroclix Tournament – Sat. Oct. 7th 2017 @ 1pm.


The Power to Protect or Destroy
Cost: $2.

600 points Golden Age.

Characters that have the “Power Cosmic” or “Quintessence” team ability can either use defend this game OR once per game as a free action destroy a square of outdoor blocking terrain.

Prize(s): OP kit Storm.

Warhammer 40K – Sunday Oct. 1st 2017 @ Noon.


For Warhammer 40K, it’s Open War – we’re going to use the cards to determine our fate!
MISSION:  DETERMINED BY THE OPEN WAR CARDS – We will draw 1 deployment card, 1 objective card, 1 ruse card and a twist card to throw into the game
BATTLE LENGTH:  Each pair of players will draw from the Open War cards to determine the following game mechanics at the start of each game
POINTS FOR THIS WEEK:  600 points      
Bring your army for a fun game!